For those who wish to stay in their homes, Green Hills offers Home Health Services to our residents, as well as the Ames community.

Home Health packaging allows residents to tailor their support.

This service is provided by staff from 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM daily. Staff will provide assistance according to a plan of care developed and approved by you with scheduled service times. Sometimes all it takes is a little friendly support to help you feel strong, confident, and independent!

Green Hills Home Health Services can assist you with personal care, convenience and security.

We can escort you to the grocery store, post office, pharmacy, shopping center or wherever you choose. Or let us run your errands, including prescription pick-up at the pharmacy.

We’ll clean out the refrigerator, check for food freshness, restock cabinets, organize closets, change linens, do the laundry, and more!

Rely on us for scrapbooking, puzzles, discussion of current events, and reading the paper or mail.

If you prefer to eat at home, our staff offers meal pickup and delivery from our kitchen. We can also accompany you to dinner and events

Home Health services are scheduled in advance and are not available on-demand. On-demand services may be obtained by living in The Lindens or our Health Care Center.

If you would like additional information about Green Hills Home Health Services, please contact Lauren Pearson, Assisted Living and Home Health Coordinator by calling 515-357-5000


Respite care can be provided in our Health Care Center to provide services for you or a loved one. This service is on an hourly or daily basis and is not an admission to our community. You may use this if a care giver needs to be away or we may suggest it for short-term observation during an illness or change in health. We can provide physical assistance with your care needs while you continue your medical and medicinal management. We provide observation to assist you in this process. This service is tailored to your specific needs.

To learn more, please call (515) 357-5399