Open to the Greater Community

We focus on:

  • Cardiac/pulmonary
  • Stroke recovery
  • Falls prevention
  • Lymphedema
  • Post-orthopedic surgery
  • Ongoing pain (joint, neuromuscular)
  • Speech (trouble swallowing, voice protection, cognition)
  • Neurological conditions (ALS, Parkinson’s, brain injuries)
  • Low vision
  • Aquatic therapy for weight-bearing concerns and pain control

Returning Home

To ensure that you feel confident to resume your everyday tasks, Green Hills therapists will conduct a home assessment with you prior to your return to your home. It’s all part of our “Person Centered Care”–providing you with the services and care you deserve.

Green Hills rehabilitative services are open to the public as well as residents of Green Hills. We accept Medicare, many Medicare advantage plans, and many other insurance plans.

Preparing and following surgery, an illness or injury, or for ongoing pain, the professional therapists at Green Hills work closely with you, your family, and physicians to get you back to your regular routine as quickly as possible. Throughout pre-hab, rehabilitation, and during your return home, our staff remains in close contact with you to monitor your situation and health conditions.

Those needing inpatient short-term rehabilitation enjoy the comfortable accommodations of our Health Care Center. Outpatient rehabilitation is also available through our Medicare Part B outpatient therapy services in our Wellness Center.

In addition, we offer pre-hab services for those who are planning an elective procedure. Many people are familiar with post-surgery rehabilitation to restore physical strength and function. Pre-hab is done ahead of time to prepare a person physically and mentally for surgery, as well as promote a faster recovery.

Here at Green Hills, our Physical Therapist can work with you and your physician to identify physical deficits such as weakness, pain, and balance issues. You will work with the therapist to develop a plan of action to increase strength, balance, and range of motion. It is common for people to participate in pre-hab two to three times a week at Green Hills’ therapy gym, wellness center and pool, with each session lasting 45 to 60 minutes.

To learn more, please call our admission line at (515) 357-5399

Medicare? Of Course We Accept!

The Green Hills Health Care Center is a Medicare-certified Skilled Nursing facility. Contact us at 515-357-5000 to verify your insurance benefits.

Medicare Part A pays for approximately 80% of your Medicare-approved services. Your supplemental insurance helps with the other 20%. Often, there is a remaining co-payment required. Please refer to the Medicare and You Handbook for more details.

For more information on Medicare and details about your coverage, be sure to contact your insurance provider.

Long Term Care Insurance – What You Need to Know

Why wait to start thinking about long-term care insurance?

Waiting may prove to be an expensive choice. Long-Term Care insurance coverage provided by a given policy may vary in cost from one company to another. But for services, most offer coverage for home health, assisted living, and long-term care.